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Tire Repair???

Long story short, my rear Metzeler has a tiny hole right in the middle of the tread. The air holds for a day or two. Brought it to the dealer who said they won't touch it because of liability and wanted to sell me a new one. Now what? So I thought I'll see what you guys have to say.

The tire has about 6k miles on it. I found the hole submerging the wheel but couldn't see anything stuck in there. Tiny bubbles.

option1: Bite the bullet and buy a new one, considering that it has maybe a third of its life left. $200 for a new one divided by 3 is about 66 bucks. If any tire place charges that amount for repair I'll already break even.

option2: Use some spray repair goo to fill the tire and hopefully clog up that tiny hole.

option3: Master Tire Repair kit. Seems to be an awfully big hole to create and then fix it

What do you guys think?
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