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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
Hey Jimmy, John D did the "Jimmy Ride...slight return" today. Slight variation of the original because he rides the damn wheels off that Kawasaki Super Sherpa of his. I thought we'd be going slow because it's only a carbuereted 250cc.
It was like riding with my shadow. Always there! We did the route down the mountain via Saltillo La Fragua which we missed when you did it, because of the fog and crap weather that time.

John D is a great guy to ride with, and if anyone is thinking twice about sponsoring him a little, pony up, he's a helluva rider and real fun to spend a day with. Hands down, he is the happiest person I have ever met from Nebraska! ha,ha! I noticed a few signatures on the tank, appears he's met more than a few riders on here. 9 degrees centigrade in Coatepec, froze my arse off heading in, but it warmed up to 30 c on the way in from Orizaba to Veracruz, John headed off for Ciudad Mendoza after we took the old/new Cumbres route and he was heading for Oaxaca via Acultzingo and the lane changing fun and games on the way back up to the altiplano. The Mystery Rider, Craneguy, and Doug were sorely missed, today. And by the way, Craneguy, that road that was torn up in that small mountain town when you got the V-Strom on a nice near verticle angle, is still under construction, but this time John hopped the curb and zipped up the road and left me with a smile and looking for an alternate route, couldn't get the clearance over the curb but it wasn't for trying.
Glad you guys got to hang out and ride a little. The pics look very nice and green. Love the clear view to Pico de Orizaba. Saludos, Jim
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