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Looks good. Sounds good. Not massive amounts of new power but bike is more fun to rev. It's a motorcycle and supposed to be fun. If you were being logical you would have bought a Toyota. Buy a used exhauts with a slight dent and pay peanuts!

Originally Posted by VargasD View Post
So I've been pondering the idea of replacing the stock exhaust can with an aftermarket slip-on option. But power increase is barely noticeable and weight diference is a mere 1% of the total weight of the bike (no luggage, ride-ready). So is it really worth handing over $375 to $700 (double the amount here in Costa Rica) for a "performance" upgrade that really isn't that much of an improvement? Never mind that a new exhaust would look absolutely awesome on my bike and the growl from the new can would give me goose pumps... I'm just asking if it's really worth the trouble, aside from aesthetic reasons.

I'd like to know what others think.
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