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I have read thru this thread several times. I agree that Anderwerks has dropped the ball on this, but I think that maybe it is about time to drop it. If the owner of the company is not willing to do anything about the issue that statifies the customer, then there are only 3 things the customer can do.
1. Take the business to small claims court - in this case, pretty hard to do, and would cost the customer more than the claim.
2. Let anyone and everyone know exactly what happened, and what the results were - This is called bad advertising and it is obviously working. Lots of people have found out and may think twice about dealing with this business.
3. Drop it. Sometimes it just isn't worth getting all worked up about, when you just know the company is not going to do a damn thing for you.

I had a bad experience with a company in Errington, BC (close to Parksville) that quite possibly could have taken my life. The fix cost me over $600 and loss of use of my bike for 2 weeks. I went back to the company and as the owner would not do anything for me, I make every one I talk with aware of the poor quality work done by this shop, and the fact that they do not stand behind their workmanship. If you live in the area, you will know the company by their barrage of constant advertising on Craigslist Nanaimo.

I know that I have steared many people away from this company and made many perople wary of dealing with them. That is probably the best and easiest way to deal with companies like this. Bad advertising by word of mouth, with real life examples, is the worst type of advertising any company can get.
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