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We just had a car pull directly in front of the path of a semi that had just came off of the interstate and was hauling 80,000 LBS. This dumbass car driver pulled straight across in front of him at an intersection. The truck clipped the car which sent the truck in to and almost completely through a resturaunt, 2 people were killed in the resturaunt.
I just bought a new pickup truck and have 4k miles on it. Some dumbass kid turned left out of the right lane at the last second the other night and I plowed him. Did $5k in damage to my truck. Glad I was not on the bike!
We have had wreck after wreck in our county lately and it is all just stupid shit. People are not paying attention to driving. It is either cell phones or ???? It seems they just decide to turn and don't look to see if someone else is around their mission is to turn and that is what they do. I am beginning to get spooked about riding. That really sucks!
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