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Originally Posted by Dekatria View Post
I just finished reading the entire story up until now... took me about two weeks it's very humbling what you're doing, and I admire your perseverance! Keep up the good work Jay, you deserve every bit of credit

What has been your best tire set this trip, in terms of mileage? I was thinking of switching my tires (currently Michelin Anakees) to Tourances for my own (slightly less epic) trip this summer, and I'll mostly be on pavement.
Hey, thanks for that!
For tires, I'd have to say go with the Heidenau K60 Scout, a 50/50 tire, great life on tarmac and excellent grip off-road.

Originally Posted by OldPete View Post
This is my first read of one of your RRs Jay... Fantastic! Epic is a well worn word but is so applicable here.
Aside from the pictures, I feel as if I have been well schooled, TY teacher.
I'm an old diesel mechanic.
Remember the Nokia cellphones that had battery issues, like fire?
That was caused by metalic particals in the battery gel.
Consider returning to an AGM sealed battery.
Look/read this over, post #104...
My best to you,
Thanks, Pete Glad you like my RR style
Yeah, I'm wondering if the Shorai battery has anything to do with my electrical issues, but every other mechanic I've talked to said it shouldn't be a problem. If and when I make it to South Africa, I'll try and look for an AGM battery. Thanks.

Originally Posted by PorLaTierra View Post
Hi Jay,
Ive been following since day 1. I took some notes for my own trip into S. America thanks! Now I find myself in Spain, working a bit and riding a bit as well. It would be a pleasure to host you, I've got a guest room and a garage. I live in the South on the coast, in Murcia. If you do make it I can suggest a couple of nice routes as well
I cant wait for more, I hope you're getting some chill out time after getting your degree!
Hola Ryan, thanks for the offer, but yeah, I think my route is changing now. This breakdown has sapped a lot of time for where I wanted to be by now and I don't think I'm going to make it into Europe... Route is still being defined but I should know more when I get to South Africa. Cheers.
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