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T'was a good weekend of wrenching on the CBZR-650 indeed!

As you all saw, just in the nick of time and despite my best intentions, Rick explained to me that a cold chisel and framing hammer weren't the proper duo of tools for doing valve work. He then showed Luke and I the correct technique of lapping in valves with the time honored suction (sometimes) cup-stick-thingy and black, wet volcanic sand-like valve lapping compound:

After all of the pits were worked out and we were left with the tell-tale consistent light gray stripe on all eight valves and seats, we moved onto the bottom end. Luke discovered that the ignition side-cover wouldn't fully seat onto the crankcase, so
the first order of business was modifying a spacer that helps hold the Dyna 2000 ignition rotor on :

Next up was some more wrench-spinnin', circlip removin' and case crackin'. Here's a photo of the bottom end completely disassembled with all of the parts ready for cleaning, inspection, cuss-mumbling, and reassembly:

Besides a bad bearing surface on the end of the primary transmission shaft (which was replaced with a perfect spare shaft from Luke's spare parts stash) everything went smooth as can be, but there's much more to tell...

I had a great weekend and it was made even better by the opportunity to finally meet the Loud Al. As all of you know, he's one helluva good guy and we wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as much done without him there.

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