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Tonight I went out and dumped some 92 octane in the fuel tank. I kicked it quite a few times with various choke combinations. It actually put put putted a few times, but nothing consistent. Maybe a little cold still with the thicker oil, carbs have been dry for a long time and may be cruddy. 'course I could have the dreaded failing stator, but I did pull the plug and have a decent looking blue spark. (The plug looked dry too, so that could be an indication of lack of fuel rather than lack of spark). The compression feels very good as well. I can pretty much stand on the starter when it gets to the the compression stroke. I don't have a manual compression release lever, so am relying on the automatic one to work, so there may be an issue with that too. Anyway, the few times it chugged over I felt encouraged. Tomorrow night I'll try again and see what happens.:)
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