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I'm 6'4" and I have the windscreen at the highest -with- a $125 Touratech extension on top. Yep. That helps me, puts most of the buffeting at the top of my helmet.
With that extension the wife still gets buffeting at her level (she's 5'7) and I've got a custom seat for the pillion, plus she's on a AirHawk2, plus she's on a sheepskin cover - so she is WAY up there - but comfortable. Hey sometimes that toosh just takes precedence... that just means I have a very limited hearing. All except for head-slaps. A higher windscreen may come into play later. The side wings and tank deflect a lot of wind around you, so that part is cool.

2up. For us loaded up and the ESA set for 2 up with luggage; it seems to have the shocks at the highest point. Which is fine for riding - but getting on and off - that's something you'll have to work out. I had to get off first and then her - looked awkward but it worked.

Yep, custom seats and AirHawk2's for long trips - but that's on a personal level.

For the GSA - loved the fuel range, 300+ miles per tank... and we averaged 45 mpg with two up and loaded. Not bad - 2011 model. We ran in 104* temps and the bike took it well, temp bar never came up. For me the big pluses for the BMW were - fuel injection for elevation changes, ABS - nice brakes, good fuel mileage, excellent fuel tank range, nice wind coverage and I liked the suspension. Downside - that height issue when getting on / off the bike. One of these days I'll upgrade the suspension with a set of Wilburs and lower the suspension down 3" - that should make a world of a difference. Hey, the wife says she wants to go again - - yep - were going next year too.
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