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The road to Luang Prabang

Originally Posted by Pete_Tallahassee View Post
Good stuff Steve. I was there in 2007 and I'm dying to get back.
Were you a Raven?
Thanks Pete, don't leave it to long before you come back..... No I'm not a Raven, you?

Sunday morning and I'm having a late start as it looks to be a tarmac day so it should be straight forward, I left around 10am and the ride took me on some nice twisty tarmac with great views.

No rush on so I can enjoy the scenery.

This is a great plate, made me laugh, I using a drift camera but still getting the hang of it.

It's a pretty boring ride, be a lot more fun a big bike, stopped of for lunch at a roadside vendor and amused the kids for a bit.

Time to get back on the road, soon the twisty flat tarmac turned into a bone shaking broken, dusty nightmare, this is by far the worst road I have ever encountered I will upload more pictures from my drift when I can get them uploaded. You know it's funny how some days turn out I thought this would be a easy route, if I had known what I know now I would have gone a different way. I met some guys from London who where on push bikes, I thought I was mad.

I ended up in Luang prabang about 7pm and found a the first Hotel I could find with working wifi I was exhausted. My sting at this point was making my arm swell up and was spreading down toward my hand so I went to the chemist and got some different cream, eat some noodles and flaked out.

A long boring tiring day, I plan to stay in Lp for a few days to recover and have a look around.
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