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Hardtail hack

Not so ADV, but very hack, so I'll ask away. I want to put together an outfit to see how much I like this whole sidecar thing before I start spending money. The hassle of freeing up the toy money is pretty intense around this home, so I'd rather save that fight for when I know what I want. I have a small scrambler/bobber I put together out of an old Kawasaki KZ440 LTD, and I'm thinking of assembling a simple hack for it and riding it for several months, just to figure things out.

I'd like to keep things simple but adjustable, so no sidecar suspension. Just a rigid outrigger with a platform for some ballast. I'd allow for adjustment at the wheel end.

The KZ is currently under-suspended at the rear, so I'd temporarily make up some struts to replace the shocks. Not comfy, but should allow me to learn a bunch.

1) is this a fool's errand? Will the lack of suspension mask what I might learn?

2) Does the no-suspension thing scale up to a full size bike? By that I mean, is the Harley approach really so bad for road use?

3) If I were Austrailian would I have just built this thing in the time it took me to write this out?

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