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Originally Posted by Mr. Canoehead View Post
Al and I are kindred spirits when it comes to bike and car mods.
If only we could use our powers for good instead of evil.

Speaking of which all this great discussion of wideband sensors talking to motronics has me wondering the following:

If the steptoe jumper mod for catless really is for no cat, then all the voltage oscillation to keep a cat happy should be missing, yes? And then I was wondering what purpose adaptation of any kind would have on an OEM catless map and if there were one would it differ from a catted adaptation. Maybe just for e10 vs no e. It sure would be nice to have a way to read the full motrocinc map(s) as opposed to guessing.

Very curious to hear what the dynojet folks come back with on all this. I'd be very surprised to hear all the motronic adaptation is somehow left on. Pretty sure that all the closed loop happens inside the PCIII, if not getting an adaptive loop inside the motronic to work under those cicumstances would be challenging. And getting different fuel tables working in the PCIII with closed loop + adaptation happening inside the motronic would be even more difficult.

Since this is in the GS section I wonder if any other 1150 engine BMW folks are running the PCIII wideband and have info. Searching the web I did not find much talk. I think now that used prices of these PCIII's have gotten to the point that they are cheaper than LC1 or comparable to booster plugs and similar, maybe some more folks should look into them. It was literally plug and play for me, 1 hr job tops including tank & exhaust removal/reinstall for an amazing improvement with substantial open ended future tuning capability.

Ian I can't remember if you are running a Y-pipe or not.
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