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Pegs,pieces,parts & chunks of weight

Captain Cheaha,
Sry for delay/lag in response, for one of our "fearless leader" of dualin, pegs are yours @ inept's customary "NO FEE". Needed to climb up in loft in shop to find them & also found George Carlin's "too much stuff". Pegs are DRZ400E model which are better/wider than rubber removed "S" model pegs. Will throw them in my truck in case you are in FiveFlagsSpdwy area or near NAS P'cola (Bayou Stinko bridge) M-F/ 8-5.
Got you & "guitarmy21b" covered on breakable scoot parts, appears I have DRZ brake pedal, gearshift lever, frt & rear brake master cylinders w/hoses, yellow fenders, plastic rear disc gaurd (worthless but free) in case you peel your stocker off swingarm,among other parts left over from DRZ E ownership/farklin.
Thanks for response "guitarmy21b" , I see your in niceville so getting your beast in shop could be distance challenged.
I'd be glad to let you ride my slghtly modified(farkel'd) beast next time we can meet-up for a VicO EAFB ride.
Pleasure would be mine to show what's possible with the BRP couzin. Mainly a Al Baker's silencer, modify/re-jet that CV (constant velocity) carb (really needs a XR650R carb) & lose alot of that steering head weight ( different speedo, headlight, etc )
Got to give you persevere points for riding w/tire handicap, L model can be a handful for a lightweight like I ( 150Lbs. 1/2 the machine weight) Don't let anyone put that beast down, dependable, ease of maintenance & my choice on majority dual sport rides.
Sounds like you got a good tire tip for sand/off-road but if they don't take the tarmak wear well, you can try Kenda 270 on rear & 760 on frt. Kenda's are inexpensive & both are DOT legal in case you come across "deputy donut" like I do occasionally over here in Escambia. They see high fenders & knobbies feel the need to chase me down/pull me over so I can point out DOT # on rear 760 Trakmaster, Dohpe!!!
BADGES??!! "We don't need no stinkin badges"

XR650L aka " THE BEAST " tad modify'd ( 2 far farkel'd )
Safer thru trees @ 45 mph than on tarmac w/caged cell yapping clowns
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