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If its already too hot, then just add another shirt under the jacket. I try to avoid heat controllers, as they are too complicated for me.
My 'stich jacket came with a simple in-line switch. Sounds like it would be inconvenient to turn the juice on then off then on then off then on and on and on, but it works well.
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The shirt can be used closer to your body where the heat does the most good, and extra insulation (like an extra shirt on top, only makes it better. For making the most use of the heat, you wear it on top of your Undershirt. You'd prolly need a HC for that. Remember that you can build whatever you want if the heat shirt is too hot....add a little extra wire to the next one.
Thanks for this thread. I've been thinking lately about why a jacket is the wrong piece to heat. I believe my ideal would be a full-zip thin sweater or full-zip bicycling jersey (sans rear pockets). My jacket has pockets and multiple layers and whatnot that make it a versatile jacket, but the cost is that it doesn't work that well as an inner layer. It is not exactly bulky and not exactly stiff, but it is still bulky and stiff enough to be a jacket and not a shirt.

The main stumbling block that I have to making an electric inner layer is the routing of the wire. I usually tuck a wind layer into my pants to eliminate any gaps. Lack of gaps is good for keeping out cold, but I haven't figured out how to route wires through it. Wire routing will be different, of course, for each rider and each combination of clothing.

EDIT: PVC insulation is usually rated to 105C, or a bit over boiling temperature. Silicone up to 150C, and teflon up to 200C. & Mouser offers wire with very-high strand counts, i.e. 24ga with 19 strands of 36ga. Most common, though, is 7 strands which is a bit stiffer.
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