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BW Sat Morning ???

Originally Posted by MItrnsplnt View Post
What's up everyone??!! Back from the ST/MX digression and ready for some WFO throttle trails again!! I'm down for some BW riding this weekend if anyone else is, since my lazy ass hasn't made it to the Guard to get my pass renewal....I know Vic posted up and Rotorhead will be avail and possibly JP, so let's do it!

As for the new guys in the Pace/Pensacola area, I'm in Pace and the closest place that we have to riding trails for us is Blackwater (no pass required, about 45-50 mins away) and Brox (pass required and slowly diminishing, about 25 mins). If you guys have any questions, let me know.
We were discussing the disappearance of FastBurners from the thread lately...

Lots going on with everyone this time of year. And nothing wrong with a little digression

So what do ya think... Fun Run Saturday morning at Karick Lake? Say 8:30 ish. One tank ride.
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