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New to Airhead

Just acquired a '77 R100/7 with 90K miles. Strong pull and good clutch albeit bit clunky compared to my 12RT as expected. No mechanical issues other than sticky auto advance unit that tend to drive up rpm during idle at stop. Nothing I couldn't live with and not sure if I want to delve into for a fix. Two main things that I would want to invest in are suspension and brakes. Single disk brake in front does the job but is mediocre in peformance and requires strong pull to make it work. Going around turns, the suspension gives out, making the turn unstable from time to time. Trying to get most bang for the buck, what would be good investment that will give me good enough performance. Going double disk conversion sounds like too much effort cost & time wise. I'm thinking maybe steel braided brake cable or mouting direct handlebar MC for the single disk (or both) would give me much improvement over very old stock set up. Does anyone know what handlebar MC to source from where that would fit? For suspension, I'm thinking aftermarket front fork springs is a good investment for a starter and eventually changed out rear shocks later. Or would changing rear shocks first give me more performance boost? I know I need to change out both eventually.
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