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I'd love to go to baja one day but the travel advisories scare the bejesus out of me. (and Im from australia!!) The reports of stuff being stolen, violence against innocent tourists and general lawlessness seem to outweigh the pros - from 12000km away at least!!

Do you US guys carry guns/rifles down there in case of such events?

How do the teams protect their stuff from being ripped off?
The Media makes Mexico out to be very dangerous. Baja is not like that. If you are doing drugs, buying drugs, selling drugs, or hanging out with people who are doing, buying or selling drugs you will be much more likely to have issues.

In general the people of Baja are very friendly and generous. I feel safer in Baja than I do in most US cities.

Nobody with any common sense carries guns in Mexico (as they are quite frowned upon by the government)

Don't leave stuff out, and generally it won't get ripped off.

Bottom line, BAJA IS MAGIC. Don't let the lame ass media keep you from coming and exploring.
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