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Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
why? no one is telling you to change yours.

tires help our bikes stay connected to the pavement, can't say that for oil.

why not let others get what they want? it's their money after all.

i'm going to remain patient and try out the PR3s and if i don't like them i'll go back to my time-tested Conti Road Attack 2s which i like very much.
You are correct on all counts. I was suggesting a change, not demanding one.

Tire choices are very much like engine oil...often chosen based upon a perception not necessarily on fact. Some choose tires based upon looks. Others have vast experience with various brands and sizes while others still choose based upon the comments they read herein.

I fully agree with you, tires and oil perform very different functions that are not related to one another.

And yes, we are free to choose most everything that affects our lives..........
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