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Originally Posted by The Letter J View Post
aww come on! My buddy is 250lbs on a 340lb (630) bike and I'm 235lbs on a 320lb bike (690) and I've got 2 false hips to boot! These 2 trails are only ~1mile (and ~1 hour ) each from start to finish.

Since we will be camping for 4 days (16-19), I'd like to do a big family (and truck/jeep/buggy) friendly ride out to the Trona Pinnacles for lunch (packed) on saturday, just a ~40 mile easy, but whooped, loop. Anyone care to join?
We took the rhino out there last April, some whoops and actually kind of torn up. There's a few offshoots that head up towards Charlie's place that have like massive 5 foot whoops. Thinking they've been testing trophy trucks out there. I've never seen whoops so by and deep like that.
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