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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post
Monolever final drives are getting tough to find. Monolever spoked hubs with remaining brake lining are approaching "hens teeth" status. You can get a 4 lug monolever and mill a later paralever GS hub to fit, but then ideally you'd have to redrill the spoke holes in the hub for a conventional rim instead of BMW's tubeless cross spoke rim.

The dual shock parts are easier to source and you have a greater variety of final drive ratios available to you. Sustained comfortable actual 80mph (not indicated) is a bit high for the 37:11 ratio, especially for 1000cc engine. 32:10 would be about right in my mind.
Not sure i quite understand? I know I want a spoked rear wheel at least i think, and I know I want a 17' wheel right? and a 20 or a 21" front right? spoked in the front for sure. I have about 20 mono lever final drives to choose from at work ;) my question is, can i get a spoked 17 inch wheel for the rear thats 4 lug? the G/S and r80's are 3 lug right? id also preferable like to run a disc rear, but not absolutely necessary.

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