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For part of our ride we rode along the pilgrim trail to Santiago Di Compostela. We saw signs for it as the dirt trail crisscrossed over the paved road we rode along. We saw all manner of people walking or on bicycle. It was humbling to watch these people walk through the same unforgiving land loaded up like pack mules. Santiago was a stop on my trip plan but I have been known for being overly ambitious. Perhaps next time.

I am quite happy with just being here and experiencing so many special moments. For example, every morning I wake up at dawn. Two reasons; my bedroom back home has curtains on all 4 walls and blacks out the sun completely so I've become very sensitive to any light, no matter how faint and I am so giddy with excitement to get on the bike and go on to the next fun road, beautiful place and good food.
Since we have a 19 year old on the ride (still very impressed with his skill, attitude and personality) the boys give me an extra couple of hours each morning all to myself and I've set into the following routine.
Wake up. Get to bathroom quick. Brush teeth, maybe wash face, don't comb hair. Usually give up on that after the first week.
Back to camp, get the camera and do a walk around the campsite to see how other people do it here. In Europe, camping all summer long is normal so the set ups can be quite elaborate such as fences around their plot. Snap a few photos. Perhaps wander into town if we are in it.
Get out my knife that I bought a few years back in Trigrad Bulgaria where my injury was healed by a very nice man and start peeling and carving whatever fruits I could get my hands the day before, usually a melon, well, melon surprise since none of them look like the melons we know in the US and I never know for sure if I bought a fruit or a squash. Been lucky so far. This morning, 2 kiwi and a honeydew which looked like a cantaloupe on the outside.
The menu's are always very meat focused with no veggies but plenty of french fries here so this helps to keep everything copasetic.

So now I wait for my $6 laundry to be done. I know I packed the machine too full but to compensate I put 2 sheets of detergent and hey, it will be cleaner than when they went in.

We have 2 extra days now, so we are going to have a couple short rides today, one to Sintra

and maybe after walk around Obidos.

The Portuguese all have exquisite tans while I work on my motorcycling tan. A nice dark stripe along my wrist where a watch might normally go. It's the only exposed skin between my glove and sleeve.

I would give anything for a beauty salon, I more am more furry than elmo now. One good thing about my scabbed over knee is no one is looking at my legs with any admiring interest. Lovely.

Internet is sometimes difficult to get. The current camping we have (and the most expensive thus far, about $18 per person per day) has problems with their Internet so I went into the office to get a coin for the washing machine and there was a girl there arguing about it with the woman behind the desk. I watched with detachment thinking to myself, you are on vacation girl but you sure aren't acting like it. I finally slowed down enough to stop getting worked up by things and as usual it took 2 weeks. The next week will be all coasting fun and the 4th week I'll start to look forward to coming home to the familiar comforts, people and yes even work.

One last photo of Obidos. Loved this town.

Came back to camp and we wandered into town and found an Irish pub where I got my hands on a traditional Irish breakfast at 11pm. Bangers, beans, eggs, roasted potato and sausage.

Dan decided to pay for the bill with the incredible amount of change he's accumulated.

This is the seaside town celebration I mentioned earlier.

A little blurry...well we all got a little 'blurry' by the end of this night.
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