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It's a lot more than that. The engines aren't even the same - the production engine looks taller and isn't canted forward as much, and compare the angle of the front downtubes. The whole bike is taller, and the position of the gas tank is different, too. I'm sure the production model would look a little cleaner with a smaller tail light, lower bars, and a smaller muffler, but it still isn't as inherently "right" as the prototype was. Nice bike by any means, though.
We discussed this quite a bit on the older thread. At some point in the gestation of the CB1100 it lost its cafe vibe and become mostly UJM retro and budget bike. Personally, I think they're in a bit of a no-man's land between the two - perhaps not sporting enough or modern enough to sell as an all-around performer, but not retro enough to sell on nostalgic connection to the bikes like the CB750. But we'll see.

I suspect if it does well, they'll bring over some more sporting variants.

- Mark
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