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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post
Yes, all /6 and some later dual shock wheels are spoked. Yes, you're frame geometry will be changing, but wheel size will probably be affecting this quite a bit less than suspension changes. I'm assuming you'll be using longer travel forks at a minimum and maybe a lengthened swingarm, so those will have a much bigger effect on your geometry than your wheel sizes.

Here's some reading for you:
got it! ill be doing some reading!ill probaby run a GS for if i can dig one up. we have a few of the lower halfs (yellow), but i havent found any springs or upper tubes, but i havent looked that hard. were slim on GS stuff. if not, ill go with a suz dr or DRZ front end. not sure on the rear, that will depend on which rear set up I go with. will a dual shock or mono shock swing arm be easier to lengther? does any bike use an already longer swingarm? what about a g/s swing arm? basically is there a longer swing arm i can bolt in? or do they all require making?
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