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Thoughts on a Hodaka

Hey ya'll.

I have been given the chance to buy myself a ugly old Hodaka (Combat wombat?) 125cc for $250. I have known the owner of the bike for a few years now (Trough motocross) and i have seen the bike run once or twice. For it to run it needs the carb cleaned, gas lines and some rust cleaned out of the tank. All stuff i have done on a few bikes in the past (KE100, KE125, XL500 etc...) so I am not troubled by that bit. For the bike to ride it needs a clutch cable some time in the near future and some brake work. Other than that it only needs cosmetics. At the bottom of the thread ill post the add so you all can check it out. Tell me what you guys thing about it.
also are there many Hodaka collectors left in the world today or have they all died along with the bikes?

Thanks everyone.

Hodaka 125cc, average shape, looks to be pretty complete, engine turns smoothly. It's been sitting for awhile, should be an easy project for someone with basic skills. Rare bike.

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