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Originally Posted by Wentwest View Post
Do you have spark? The connection between the cable and the cap is notorious for failing after you pull it from the plug. Reseat the cable in the cap.

I do have spark so I'm guessing the cable is ok.

The petcock operates by vacuum. If you reversed the two lines it certainly won't work. Try pulling off what you think is the fuel line from the petcock, then put a cup under the spout, then crank it over. Gas should flow. No flow, no go.

The hoses are on correctly, checked per the manual and your instructions and gas is flowing well.

If there's no flow, then pull off the other end (near the carb) of the vacuum line, and smell it. If it smells like gas, you may have them reversed. If it does not smell, and you feel brave (or stupid), suck on it lightly and see if gas flows from the petcock. If there's still no flow, pull the line you thought was for vacuum off the petcock, push it on the other nipple, and try again.

Good luck.
I readjusted the valves again. The feel is vague. It was smoking when it last ran. Possible it could be internal? Could I have done more damage running it on the road? I have the manual and TDC was on when I adjusted at least this time, maybe not the other times. The thing won't even start with starter fluid, that's the kicker. It's impossible to get to the carb on this without pulling the engine, or at least it seems that way to me. I don't want to spend much getting this running but I don't have much in it either. Should I just pull the engine and take it apart as a learning experience?
I did order a new CDI and should be here in the next few days. Any chance that could be the issue?

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