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Originally Posted by ninepeaks9 View Post
Cool! I sort a feel tiny bit like Shackleton when I ride my newly acquired beat up airhead.
Shackleton is a favorite Hero of many people. I think that our Heroes are people we are like or we want to be like. I was lucky to find the letter written so long ago. Written by a Hero of mine and of many people.

I never had a cool Avatar like everybody else. I'm sorta dense when it comes to operating my computer. I try but I couldn't figure out how to make a cool Avatar. Then I was fooling with the photo from the expedition and I got it to work. It was timing. It was my Avatar. Cool Huh?

One more piece of advice I like to give to those complaining about the brakes on our Airheads. I realize that modern brakes work better. But there is something that helps if you can do this. Don't tail gate. I think modern drivers are too close most of the time, well they have better brakes than us older guys grew up with. I think I leave more room than other drivers. I think I need too.

On the Highway I'm usually in front. In the City I hang back sometimes or I just take my time. None of this is very easy to do and it is probably more an attitude than anything else.

The Ate system can be improved but I've heard that after you do all of that the Honda is still better.
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