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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Great deal for sure, when you are done selling the left-over parts you will be money ahead!
I seriously doubt that Every time I try and part a bike out I spend more time and energy going to the post office and dealing with idiots on ebay. Last year I (stupidly) bought a kx500. I realized I would never use it so I sold the whole thing on ebay. I sold the piston and cylinder to the top bidder for $0.99 each. The shipping to FINLAND was $43, which I charged him. By the time I ate the paypal fees and listing fees I should have thrown them in the trash. Oh and then he disputed the shipping and I ate that too.

For something like this bike, I'd just as soon give the parts away than try and make money on them, not worth the hassle. Hell I still have wheels off the FZ1, swingarms etc. I'm trying to emulate you Lukas you part-hordin' mofo!!

Got a rear KTM brake setup BTW? My local buddy here who I bought the forks off of has an 05 swingarm so I'm just going to take that. But I feel like I need to eventually buy something from you so we can make this an international build.

BTW, I also am (hopefully) soon to be a 33% owner in a Aprilia Futura in Milan and you're the first person I am coming to see so look out
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