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I'm slowly getting through the thread, re-activating photos. I'm done for the night though. Post #45 has 30+ pictures in it which will have to wait til tomorrow.

Originally Posted by windmills View Post
Hey Matt,
just checking back in to see how you are doing.
Well done on the test part 1 (of 759...). If I was cynical, I might think that they are making it so complicated, and expensive, to get a bike licence as some sort of deterrent. Surely not?
Good on you for ploughing through all that crap.
It sure was different in my day, I think my test took about 10, maybe 15 minutes at the most... but the price I have to pay for that is being veeery old. :)

Safe miles mate!
Thanks man. I think though to be fair, not everyone's test experience is as drawn out as mine. I was just unlucky in that regard.

There's no question the variety of tests on offer is needlessly complicated though. I'm just glad I'm old enough to pick Direct Access. It's the simplest one of the lot.

Originally Posted by Loop View Post
Just spotted the thread today, fantastic! I lived in Inverness for a while but unfortunately didn't have a bike at the time. Going back up from "sunny" England in the New Year for a couple weeks of drifting about on my bike. Can't wait.

Keep 'em coming!
Thanks man. Inverness will be one of the locations I visit next year hopefully (it has a bridge!). Been through a few times in the car.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Nope your right Windmills....legislate off the roads to so say reduce accident stats........sorry for the hijack Matt
Education and entertainment is the goal of the thread so no problems there!
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