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I slap myself in the face this morning to remind myself that not all days or nights are going to be like this and get the bike packed. I need to find some more cool history and spectacular roads.
The typical morning at a teinda for breakfast and water.

I'm getting more comfortable just sitting on the curbs and taking in the towns morning rituals. A water truck drives by with a loud speaker on the roof, workers stopping at the teinda for their breakfast, people running into the tortilla factory for their staples, and kids walking to school.
I set off just outside of town for San Francisco Javier and find the road exhilarating.

Beautiful scenery and a great twisty road.

And adventurous in some places.

This truck get stuck and almost rolls back on top of me.

A scampering of my feet in a backwards motion gets me clear of him.

The road narrows up into a skinny jeep trail and then dumps me onto a cobble stone street where the towns people are sweeping the dirt away, leading to the Mission.

Again I'm invited in and given the full tour.
The doors and windows get opened up as the tour continues to let the light in.

I like reading these, because having the Spanish translations with English I'm able to pick out a few words to remember, thus helping me learn more Spanish.

When ready to leave, I do something that I haven't done much on this trip. I ask about the road heading Southwest.
I find the older people are easier to talk to as they speak slow with alot of hand gestures, the younger ones are excited and speak way too fast for me.
He tells me the road goes through an arroyo with lots of water, and tells me it's best to go back the way I came. I'm good with that, it's an awesome road and he probably saves me alot of precious time.
What a great road.

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