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Originally Posted by Gintaronas View Post
Well, yes, I am one of those "countless 1150 owners".
I had a bad sound developing on the right side of the engine. Removed cam and - here you go, the same picture with the exception that only half of cam and one follower is broken - the exhaust side.
For the intake part all seems well. Maybe that's why the sound is not that loud compared to videos in this thread.
I wonder if it would be possible to fix the cam somehow (welding/grinding/hardening)?

Also would be interesting to find out the cause of this problem. I would rule out the wrong oil, lack of oil and prolonged change intervals. Normally I keep valve lash on "tappy-happy" side...
I was reading this forum and went to my garage later to look at my GS sittting on it sidestand. I am not a mechanic and I do less and less wrenching as I get older. But it occured to me that with the bike on the sidestand could a little lubricating oil be draining out of the right side head. Most owners dont keep their bike on center stand, we just get on and fire it right up. If oil does drain slightly from the head when leaning on sidestand I could see it causing some of the issues shown in the picture over time. I would be interested to know if I am way off base, if not I may park my bike on the center stand more often I am a new guy, thanks for all the great post!
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