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Originally Posted by zenjen View Post
The Chinook pants are basically an in-boot version of the Dakars. The PowerXross that Jonah wore was a custom version with the high collar cut off and the liner removed.

I was just trying to point out that in 2011 Jonah wore the Adventure suit in the Dakar, but the next year he chose to wear something much lighter.

thank you... we both are saying the same thing... heavy two layer Goretex for temps 95-110f+ are HOT... in those type temps.. lighter is better, even if one had to reload your cooling vest multiple times.

those of you that think a Goretex suit is better under those conditions because ... suit reduces rate of evaporation... well that's true, until you have to stop. then you will bake...

I'd rather have to stop multiple times to reload my cooling vest under a mesh kevlar suit vs a heavy two layer goretex suit.
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