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The following day i woke up feeling preety rough, My left hand side neck muscles were really strained no doubt as a result of the whiplash when i hit the side of my head on the ground, my right side shoulder and knee felt bruised, and my ankle was still cursing at me like a nagging wife demanding more attention.

As per prescribed i applied liquor liberally..

Here's a pic of the hostel we were staying at - Coyote Cals owned by Rick an expat and his 'Ta' his lovely wife.

It was coming up to a full moon and the tides were really high so that meant a good time for the locals to collect these giant muscles... They told us to help ourselves.

Ta, made a thai salsa for us and we ended up throwing them on the fire that evening mmmmm

Unfortunately for my ankle the next day Daniel had to head back to the US, he promised his girlfriend that he was gonna be back for Halloween. Luckily i had successfully been able to kickstart with my left foot and i agreed to ride with him back to Ensenada so i could get my immigration papers for me and the bike.

The ride was preety and it was nice to see in the light of day..

We got to Ensenada and Daniel had his last mexican meal and headed back North

mmm fish tacos.

I went to visit the immigration but they told me the bank closed early and i would have to come back next week.

The 2hr ride back was a little tiring but still preety awesome nonetheless.

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