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Coil failure?

Gidday, assuming that the problem is not the fuel pump.
It could be that one of your coils is faulty.

I was in a week long tarmac car rally last month here in NZ (
We had a similar symptom in the wee Renault Megane RS225 we were running.
Once the car was hot we would get a miss under heavy load. There were no errors in the daignostics to show this fault. We were away from the main cities so we purchased a single coil from a car wreckers. We swapped the coil out one at a time until we removed the miss. Fixed.

The offending coil was breaking down when it was hot and under load.

Certainly worth a try. if you can get one. Maybe borrow one from another bike to test. I am not sure if the coil is the same for a bunch of bikes. Maybe check max BMW parts fische.

Good luck.
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