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After screwing around in the Alabama Hills got back out on 395 and headed north again. Up thru Big Pine, Bishop and started climbing up towards Mamooth Lakes. Had hoped to get over the pass and into the Carson Valley. Didn't happen. As soon as I left Bishop the temps started dropping and light was fading. Decided to call it in Mamooth Lakes and found Motel 6. Temps were really falling and the sky wasn't looking good. Soon as I walked in the manager said I'll give you a room but if you stay I don't think you'll get out of here on a bike tomorrow morning. We're expecting snow. Now I was regretting all the stops and picture taking I had done during the day. If I'd of just kept moving I would have dropped down into the Carson Valley and missed this. Back on the bike, hook up the electric heat and haul ass north in the dark. Soon as I left Mamooth it started snowing mixed with rain. This was not going to be fun. I hate riding at night as it is and now I get to do it in snow/rain. Remembered back to two years ago when I came down to Death Valley in late spring and ran into a bad snowstorm trying to get back home. Not having much luck in Mamooth Lakes.

Pic from a previous trip to Death Valley

Rode about 20 miles from Mamooth and had two deer run across the road right in front of me. Knew this was stupid trying to push thru this stuff in the dark. Decided to try and make Bridgeport and hole up there. If I got snowed in for a couple of days so be it. At least I wouldn't kill myself hitting a deer or freezing to death. Snow started sticking to the sides of the road and knew it wouldn't be much longer before the road started holding snow and icing up. I was creeping along at this point. Came up on a little resturant/lodge in the dark and decided I wasn't going any further. Walked in dripping wet. Lady said they had a room above the kitchen but it was pretty femine. WTF? Said it didn't have a bathroom or TV plus the heat didn't work real well. I said if it doesn't leak and has a bed I don't care how femine it is or how much it is. I was freezing and wanted off the road. Room was right above the restuarant and you could hear every word. I heard everything from wedding plans to why our country was going to shit in a hand basket. Only thing I was concerned with at this point was when is my ass going to warm up and when that damn resturant was going to close for the night. Luckily the last patrons finished up around midnight.

Following day was by far the worst day I have ever spent astride a motorcycle. I left my femine abode at daybreak in full on cold rain with 30 mph winds. Oh yea.....let the fun begin.

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