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Yeah, F'in' police. You can't get them to bust a verified bike thief, but damn, they care, a LOT when you wheelie past them on the freeway, though.

I did a lot of thinking on the matter when I was considering my own dirt Ninja. I came to the conclusion that I would need to extend the frame in order to move the steering head forward quite a bit to keep the front wheel from hitting the radiator.

A word to the wise: if they hit hard enough to snap off the RSU fork legs (i.e. thick steel tubes), then there was a metric shitload (that's a technical term, don'tcha know...) of energy put into that frame -- I'd all but guarantee it's bent somewhere, and probably bent a lot. I'd suggest that you loosen the motor mount bolts and see if you can slide them -- don't take them out because the frame might go SPROING and you'll never get it back together... but it's a good test. Look for cracked/flaking paint.

Also, check to see if the steering head bearing cups are ovalized from the impact. I did a job years ago for a guy that hit a curb and ovalized his steering head. I turned new cups, cut off the old ones, and welded them in place. Worked great.

If you find it is bent, then it might actually be easier to either build a new frame from scratch or buy a straight used one... but you're just going to hack it up. Like me, you love your tubing bender - doing a whole frame from scratch ought to be good clean FUN.
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