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heh, oldtrucks - I liked that kidnapping line, too.

Thanks BigDave!

Hey Rwelch, so glad to hear your leg is better!
Wow, I remember when you said you broke it...
This is a loooooong report.

Day 52: 8/12/12
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

I love this bit - the sand track thingy.
We had full luggage last time and it was a blast.
Without bags, it was even more fun.

This place is pretty cool. Can you read this sign?
Apparently the trees can survive because of the volcanic sand/soil.

Here’s a map for reference - the red thing marks the Lost Forest.

Every time I think I’ll be able to take photos on this trail, but can’t.
It’s too much and I have to hang on.
Oh well.
Here are a few quick screen shots.

There are some slightly rocky areas...

The occasional tree root...

But, mostly just sand.

Fun stuff!

I have some video. We haven’t done music in a while, so this one has a little.
We were having a really good time.
Occasionally you can hear Matt saying, “Training!!”
this is left over from hanging out with Radek.
Radek had been trying to talk Matt into doing the Baja1000 (as a fellow Ironman on a 990).
I said, No way- he hasn’t been training!

But Radek insisted that Matt has been training.
Riding almost every day, 2up with bags, for this long ass trip.
That's just like training for the baja...
Um. Maybe.

Anyway. That got to be our little joke.
Any time we hit sand or rocks or anything technical - “Training!!”
We also said it any time we had ice cream or junk food or learning juice.

Oh man, those whoops at the end!

I was laughing so hard. The bike kept jumping up and whacking me.
My legs are too short and our rhythm was off - I just got spanked instead.

Matt thought it was hilarious.

It was.

If we had kept going on the trail, we would have eventually come to this gate.
It takes you out into the rocky 2 track and back on the OBDR...

As it was, we had to hurry and get back to the Desert Inn.
It took longer than we thought to get here and now we had to rush to get back before the checkout time.

I missed this sign going in...

Oops. This one, too.

OK, that’s it for now.
I’m behind in prepping photos.
This was a super long day of riding and I have a bunch of video to go through, too.

I’ll leave you with some kewpie fun.
By the way, tarako seems to be some kind of salted cod roe flavored pasta?

hey larryboy, now I know how you hurt your ankle...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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