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Originally Posted by Gezerbike View Post
One of the major factors when considering a new bike for $ 10,000 vs a used bike for $ 7,000-8,000 is credit. Hard to find good cheap financing on a used bike, whereas Honda will be financing that bike at a great rate. So initial outlay will be less cash to ride it home.
Suzuki's 0% down, 0% interest promo this year got me off the sidelines and on a bike. I could afford the monthly payment and--honestly--I like NOT having someone else's problem. That said, the cash in hand buyer can find some nice bikes if they're patient. There was a fully mod'd DR650 in Seattle (that included the stock parts--why he didn't go back to stock and sell the parts seperately I dunno. ) that was ~$5K if I recall--but the mods!! A good deal for someone.

As for the CB1100, I like it a lot! I don't care for "spaceship" looking bikes and being a kid of the 70s, I think standards are the way to go. I've liked cafes since the day--and have mixed feelings about their current popularity--and I think the CB1100 is just begging to be cafe'd! I really cannot wait to throw a leg over the CB1100 once the initial OMGIGOTTAHAVEIT!!! buyers have cleared out of the showrooms.

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