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I will also say you I did not have a very good experence going you I was middle aged....but I was kinda fat balding wearing glasses. I walked into the first store and it was like I walked onto mars.....there where people there that had more ink on them then the news paper I read that morning....and more holes in them with bits hanging was like the WTF thread had come to life.....and they are all kids. I walked around....looked at stuff for 30minutes with no one talking to me, and after turning to leave the only normal one in the store asked if I needed any help....all I said was not any more thanks.

I was about to wright off the entire guitar buying and playing and remembered there is a little shop next to the DMV...It is on my way home and I told the wife, if this place tanks I will just say the hell with it all....I walked in and an guy (older than me) asked if I needed any help....the front door had not even closed yet. I was amazed at this place, people that looked human, a nice man and his wife (owners) and a cleen cut kid working there....and I was helped right off the bat.

I told them I knew nothing, but knew the sounds I liked, Brian Setzer, old time rock and roll...and they showed me a few things....a Dot, Gretsch, Casino....they really helped, and I bought the gretsch. These people spend about 3hrs with me to buy a $600 guitar that I doubt they made $200 on. They could not be more friendly if they tried. There is another small shop near where I work...same experence...great place.
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I wouldn't write off GC. Keep in mind that some brands require the store to have a fairly large stock on hand which a mom & pop can't always do. Those brands will also void their warranty if you don't buy them through authorized dealers.
Guitar Centers and Sam Ash both out here are always polite and helpful from jump. It may be due to the area and the abundance of seasoned players. You just never know what old band you've never heard of had that old guy as the lead guitarist or who just might be a top studio musician, or an instructor at the Musicians Institute.

I was in CG in Sherman Oaks one afternoon looking at a Tele with a B-bender, and an older guy (60s?(my age) 50s at least) was tearing it up on a Strat. He was doing surf, rock, rock-a-billy, jazz, country chicken-pickin' and never breaking a sweat. The kids there who could only play power chords at 11 and scream into the mics were dumbfounded. How could an old guy be so good on the guitar, and how did he get all those sounds? It got even better when I started playing back up to him and a bass player came over and the jam session really took off. His wife/girlfriend started singing. Oh yeah, it was nice.

Yeah, sometimes it's fun to be an old guy

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