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Originally Posted by BuckMoto View Post
Glad you liked it -thanks! It was pretty nice weather for the most part in Colorado, but it did get cold on occasion...

..but it's a dry cold, so it's OK when the sun is out and there's no wind! I did ride about 150 miles in the rain one day with temps in the mid 40s (7 degrees C or so). The slope on the front of the seat pools water where it shouldn't and my water resistant pants decided resistance was futile- . Wasn't there a cartoon called Chilly Willy?

A sport bike with knobbies would be sort of Mad Max looking and cool in a disturbing kind of way. Kind of like this...

Know what you mean - nothing worse than sitting in a puddle of cold water - it's almost tempting to pee yourself just to experience some warmth (you are already wet anyway) .

Nice vid - I have seen a similar one years ago were someone had knobby tyres on an R1 and went off roading. Awesome stuff! - and I used to think my old XT500 was too heavy for proper 'off roading' !
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