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Originally Posted by Shaggie View Post
Firstly - LOVING the report!!!!


did you do much riding in the dark?

do you notice a difference (better or worse) with the vertical stacking of your hid50 units versus the side-by-side of the beige bike?

are they both bi-xenon units?

ever consider the need for extra lighting? ie LED etc?

cheers for your thoughts

The vertical stacking doesnt change the amount of light put out ... the only disadvantage of it is that on dipped beam the cutoff is higher for the top light than the bottom light. Whereas for side by side lights they are at the same level. A minor irritation for a lighting perfectionist like me, but no difference in the amount of light hitting the ground.

They are both bixenon units.

I typically rode with one on during the day for visibility, and on the occasions that we strayed into night, I rode with both on. There was maybe one day in 10 that we were a bit late and rode into the evening.

Did I consider extra lighting? yes ... I wanted to have a good LED light (flood beam) system for two reasons ... one so that I could use it as daytime running lights so I could leave my HIDs off during the day, and secondly so that I had lights to put a tent up without idling the engine ... this is what I have in mind ... they are 15 watts rather than the 35w of each HID light, and a flood beam would be ideal for putting tents up with and being seen with during the day ... while the HIDs are still the primary tools for illuminating the road when its dark.

One of these will fit nicely into my oil cooler space on the front fairing. Winter project.
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