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Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post
Yeah, F'in' police. You can't get them to bust a verified bike thief, but damn, they care, a LOT when you wheelie past them on the freeway, though.
Easy money, and that's what it's all about. Investigating a crime, well that sounds like a lot of effort.

Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post

A word to the wise: if they hit hard enough to snap off the RSU fork legs (i.e. thick steel tubes), then there was a metric shitload (that's a technical term, don'tcha know...) of energy put into that frame -- I'd all but guarantee it's bent somewhere, and probably bent a lot. I'd suggest that you loosen the motor mount bolts and see if you can slide them -- don't take them out because the frame might go SPROING and you'll never get it back together... but it's a good test. Look for cracked/flaking paint.

Also, check to see if the steering head bearing cups are ovalized from the impact. I did a job years ago for a guy that hit a curb and ovalized his steering head. I turned new cups, cut off the old ones, and welded them in place. Worked great.

If you find it is bent, then it might actually be easier to either build a new frame from scratch or buy a straight used one... but you're just going to hack it up. Like me, you love your tubing bender - doing a whole frame from scratch ought to be good clean FUN.
Al I hope you are wrong. I am really not interested in a custom frame at this point although I might just have to do that. I sounds like others have had issues with the fork legs limiting the steering arc. Cutting the head tube and stretching it would solve the problem but now you have an issue, if using the stock tank, of being in an uncomfortable riding position. Course you can solve this by scrapping the tank and moving the seat forward.

I've done two of these builds now so I am aware of the numerous pitfalls that can mire a project down and cause it to go dormant because of the enormity of a problem. I don't want that to happen this time, so I am going to attempt to keep things as stock as possible where it matters. Your point about the frame being bent is a good one and something I haven't overlooked. It's just hard to see based on the limited viewing angle I had in person.

I think the front wheel hitting the rad is an easier problem to solve. I could run split rads like a dirt bike, relocate the rad under the seat but now I am not going to be running a subframe tank. I have some offset triples that should get me a little more real estate. Honestly I had another look at the frame and it's actually a pretty nicely designed frame. I'm not sure I'm comfortable redesigning it without some engineering. Assuming the frame is tweaked in a couple places, I think that can be dealt with in situ. As long as the weld integrity is fine I'm cool with it. I have my welding handiwork holding my fat ass safely in the air in other places.

I never knew that other guys had issues with the front wheel and the radiator. Maybe they aren't running a 21" front? JDRocks, what's the verdict on this
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