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Originally Posted by LaurelPerryOnLand View Post
Can you afford $66 for peace of mind?***

Otherwise...proceed with other options.

***Let's think this through to it's illogical conclusion:
1. Tire fails.
****YOU LOSE FROM THIS POINT FORWARD****************************
2. Bike sustains damage during accident.
3. Bike is repaired by your insurance...minus your ($500?) deductible?
4. You sustain some damage (injury) during this accident.
5. Ambulance, hospital charges exceed $45,000 for your 1 week recuperation.
6. Your boss fired you since you were really needed at work.
7. You injure somebody else and they end up suing you for their personal injury and damage to their car.
8. You're convicted of careless operation of a motor vehicle and serve 60 days in jail.
9. Your boss REALLY doesn't want to know about you...particularly now.
10. Since you have no income for 2 miss a couple mortgage forecloses on your home.
11. All your credit cards increase your rate since you defaulted on your mortgage payments.
12. Your FICO score drops to the low 500's.
13. It takes you 4 more months (I'm being generous) this BAD find another job comparable to what you had.
14. You exhaust your 2 months of 'savings' and are forced to BORROW from your wife's didn't have the nerve to tell YOUR family.

I think you can see where this COULD be headed...worst case scenario.

Back to my original question:
Can you afford $66 for peace of mind?
HOPE SO...otherwise park it until you have the $66.

PS..."No" I don't sell insurance...nor TIRES.
New tyres can fail suddenly as well.

A bolt in my tyre, morocco 2007.
Used TWO plugs to fix the hole and rode back to the UK through spain and france (1600 miles), and carried on using it until the tyre wore out.


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