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Hi all!

To illustrate what snaert means in is above post a few pics to show the problem. Snaert and myself bought both the Badlands suit for an extended journey. The first two jackets leakt in both ellbows crouches. So we sent them back to Klim and they replaced it without a hassel. The second set of jackets leak at the exact same location -> the upper vents on the sleeves. So like told by snaert we send them back and Klim tested them and found they were waterproof and send them back. Those pics are with the second jacket (tested by Klim and found to be waterproof) after 50 min of riding trough medium-heavy rain:

The correct closed zipper

Wet ellbow

What seams the problem.... Klim uses waterresistant zippers on all their vents and works with flaps to cover them and insure waterprofness. The problem with the upper vent on the sleeve is that will driving the air pushes the flap up (which is a good thing when you wanna vent) but in rain the only waterresistant zipper gets the full force of wind and rain. And thats will driving on a naked bike (I drive an Yamaha XT660R) quiet a lot. The problem could be solved by ad an additional velcrostrap to hold the copverflap down...

An other really annoying detail in my opinion is the the quite weak waterresistants on the front pockets. I am well aware that Klim does not claim them to be waterproof but highly waterresistant. But having a sea of water in your frontpocket after riding in rain is just annoying and makes the pocket in my opinion usless.

Pool of water

So after all I am not that impressed by Klim but wil probably keep the gear because there are no real alternativs.

Cheers Raiffel
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