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Originally Posted by DriftDragon View Post
Okay. I want some ideas. What I want to do is come up with a truly awesome adventure day ride starting and ending in Chattanooga that I can ride this coming Saturday. The more off road and scenic the better but great twisties thrown in to link things is welcome to. I am thinking it should go out through Tellico but I am open to suggestions. It needs to be a good challenge for med to big adventure bikes while still fun for smaller bikes. I personally don't care if it ends up being a thousand miles round trip but lets keep it to something that can be done in 6 hours with a couple of breaks. Maybe 300 miles or so? So I pose two questions to everyone...

What routes would you include? Where are some good places to plan lunch and short breaks? Give me your absolute best area adventure segments to piece together into a great ride.

Do you wanna join me? Joining in and dropping out along the route is always an option to.

So there it is... what are your ideal adventure segments in the area? Presumably we can meet at a breakfast spot and end at a good watering hole.
I can think of several great rides that meet your criteria. However, 300 miles in 6 hours won't have much "adventure" as it is an all pavement ride. You could do the Cohutta/Tumbling Creek loop (75+ miles of continuous dirt) in 6 hours if you don't stop much and eat lunch in the woods. I wear a Camelback and bring energy bars. Other DS rides take longer because the dirt roads/trails are farther away, but the flip side is you get to ride the twisties to get there. I would love to join you, but Saturday is booked.

edit: Wife just informed me she has to work this Sunday to make up for being off two days next week. Talk about a wrench in the plans. Looks like great riding weather for this weekend too.
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