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I never knew that other guys had issues with the front wheel and the radiator. Maybe they aren't running a 21" front? JDRocks, what's the verdict on this
i'm running a 19" front, but it's close to the inflated diameter of the 21", no interference problems when using the DRZ400S forks in the OEM Versys clamps, and that includes clearance to the radiator guard which is mounted about 15mm in front of the core. almost 12" of travel on the DRZs, and even using all 12, nothing touches.

ktmklx is running a 21 with long travel USDs, the OEM radiator with his shop built guard, and i don't recall him reporting an interference issue.

with all the nuances of fork length, diameter, offsets, steering stops, clamps, and clearance issues around the steering head area, the selection of the swap in parts for the front suspension seems to be the key to the viability of these builds.

the wheelbase on my particular bike seems to be longer than some of the other numbers i've seen reported, but the handling is spot on, both gravel and pavement, with plenty of miles on both.

these builds are sort of old news after three years. that said, i'm more convinced than ever that a custom build based on this ptwin platform is still the biggest bang for the buck available in the moto world using any reasonable cost/performance metric. it does help to be USA based, where all required used parts are dirt cheap.

properly designed and built, these inexpensive ptwin motos will outrun a whole bunch of "DS" bikes found on the showroom floor.

i do have a like new radiator/fan for sale if yours is trashed. also an ER6 tank.

you do need to check that frame, but it's not difficult once you get everything out of the way.

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