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Ah! My only fan (critic?) speaks. I don't know if I'd call the Stelvio a vision. And worth reading? That would be entirely up to you. It's certainly not an adventure like many of the RRs on here. Just a bit of a travelogue. You can take it or leave it.
Haven't been doing a lot of travelling since the last report because of two factors. I had originally allotted myself a certain budget when I left and because of things like unforeseen weather (no will to camp in hurricanes or thunderstorms), exorbitant camping fees and mechanical problems, I have grabbed accommodation for a month to sit out some time in a nice location.
I had hoped to enjoy camping in the Keys for several weeks but at $43 a day and no everything all booked up, I decided to look elsewhere. PCB is cooler but being a northerner, it really doesn't bother me. $29 a day for a month in a bachelor with wifi, tv, stove, fridge, laundry will help me get back on track.
So, where were we? Oh ya. Heading north. BG running rougher. Resolved to hit the closest MG dealer. Fasttrixx in Tallahassee.
The road up the coast was more of the same. Long and straight. Like Columbus looking for any sight of land, I am looking for any sight of land...change. And then there it was.

Some hills! Now if I could only find some curves. But, that would be asking too much.
Made my way to Tallahassee and Fasttrixx.

Met the owner/MG tech, Danny.

Who turned out to be a one on one type of guy who was and still is determined to to get to the bottom of my troubles.
He actually found a connector I had installed when I removed the air system, had been lying against the cylinder out of sight, and had disintegrated, allowing air into the TBs. He found the sync still spot on and got an immediate improvement in performance. I had replaced the tee connection with a plastic nipple, joining up the two existing rubber hoses and keeping the TBs connected. What I didn't know and couldn't see was the position of the connection. My bad.Danny also enquired and listened to my rant on deficiencies and warranty issues and went after them. As I had said I wanted to hole up for a while not to far away from there, he suggested we deal with these issues now. Agreed.
As I was waiting, we had a visit from 'Tennessee', an interesting, interested customer.
Check out the riding boots.

I don't think she was a serious customer.
As I rode down to PCB I was aware the bike was performing better but still not perfect.
Getting to the beach I was surprised to find the incredible beaches and clear blue waters that Kedgi had described.

I grabbed my little secluded Paradise about a good four miles from the downtown high rises, in Laguna Beach.

I am the only tenant in this little complex of four units and houses on each side are deserted.

My only neighbors are Christians. A lotta Christians. Some sort of Christian resort on two sides.
In the words of Seinfeld, 'Not that there's anything wrong with that.'
Then there's the beach right across the road.

Putting around PCB I was finding BG even trying to stall when I would come up to a stop. I figured it had to be the airleaks in the exhaust so I pulled it all apart and, using the permatex copper, gooped everything double time and tried to make ad hoc gaskets (which weren't there) for the header to cylinder mate. Waiting the whole 24hr curing time, I tried it out to find a not perfect but noticeable improvement. On the second morning I decided to, once again, check the valve lash. I found a small need for improvement but just a little. That done, I rode thruout the day to find my improvements just steadily decreasing. Called Danny back and he asked me to get it back up there and leave it. And so, yesterday, it was back to Tallahassee and back to here on a loner.

The Norge was a nice ride but with my arthritic knee and shoulder, a painful one. So, here I sit. In comfort. With Danny bound and determined to get to the bottom of this. I cannot say enough about this guy. He's going the full nine yards for me and I can't give him enough credit.
Fasttrixx in Tallahassee. Take your Guzzis there. Justice demands it!
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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