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Originally Posted by vicster View Post
This bike looks cool, but I think at the end of the day you're spending 20 grand for a huge touring bike with no ABS, or CC. Then a few miles down the road, you're gonna think, "I'm tired of the wind blast, it needs a taller windshield. Just for longer trips" The windshield never gets removed. Then, "A trunk would give the wife something to lean against and add carrying capacity." So, 18 months into it you've got $22K into a GW with no ABS or CC.
I guess you buy it if you're into the Hot Rod Bagger niche, but as much as I like 'em, they seem kind of a paradox.
It's a Honda Road Glide, basically. Sure, you can do huge trips on them, but I would use it to commute. These kind of bikes are great commuters. Comfortable, reliable, decent weather protection, good locking storage, it's a bike you can run errands on, and not need a backpack.
Because so much is riding on your tires.
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