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Thanks jd. I didn't have any clearance issues with the cbr and that rad and header combo was tough to get around. My gut tells me it will be fine. Steering lock is another issue I'll tackle when I get to it.

I think you are right with bang for the buck. These bikes have everything you need as a base other than suspension. I'm going to attempt to add to the knowledge on this project by fitting a longer ktm swingarm. I had an idea to try and come up with a custom top shock mount that keys off the stock shock mount on the frame. Assuming there is enough room for the ktm shock, I could loan out the jig which would locate the shock mount and users could then weld theirs in and send it to the next guy. I could also machine up the swingarm spacers.

I think I'll run into problems fitting the shock in the stock ninja subframe though. I suspect there will be cutting involved...
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