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Before I start writing about riding in Tibet where I faced great challenges apart from ice and snow, I'd like to go back and mention what this meant for me financially. As you know, I started this trip without any cash. All my savings (which wasn't a lot) went into paying for preparations (like bike modifications, visas, vaccinations, equipment and so on). So I started on a full tank of fuel and a full stomach… over a year ago. So every mile I covered I payed for with money I had made along the way. A great challenge at times. To be honest, I didn't know if that was possible at all. I just thought I'll try and see how far I'd get. Now, having made it to Nepal, made me a little proud of myself. Sure, I haven't always dined in 3 star restaurants –*actually I never have –*but my requirements were brought way down to the basics. I had reached a point where living cheap without any luxury but experiencing the thrill of this adventurous life was way more important to me than any mosquito-free, well air-conditioned, safe and clean but boring life.

However, the trip through Tibet had to paid for. The documents, permits and 25/7 guide required by the government cost a huge chunk. And if I wanted to go over land, this group, this opportunity, the 'now' was my chance. And I took it regardless of the fact that I would come out broke the other end with no certainty of finding a way keep financing myself.

Odd job: printing stickers

Odd job: Painting a bridge…

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