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Well I guess I can't help myself. I take pics of stuff that catches my eye. A lot of times that is masonry and construction materials and techniques that I find interesting.

Went down to the main square at sunrise to watch the town wake up. Typical town square with a gazebo in the center:

The two foot by three foot cement slabs in the circular platform were all poured in place probably mixed by hand and finished by different concrete guys. From the wear and age of the concrete I would say 80 to 100 years old so these guys are long gone by now. They all had different designs. This was my favorite guy. He used his trowel to slap in almost leafy designs into the freshly poured concrete after the cream rose to the top. Nice touch. His work stood out :

On the lower terrace the 2x4 formwork was removed and river rock was embedded in mortar making nice designs with star patterns at the intersecting corners. This guy was doing varying four, five and six wide smaller pebble:

I liked this guys work over on the other side of the plaza. Alternating 3x2:

The further out they went the bigger the stones. Here Pablo was doing mundane three wide on the horizontals while his cousin Enrique with a little more artistic flair was doing 2x1 on the verticals.

The guys with the drinking problem were out by the street using all the crap left over river rock:

Across the street was the central mercado where I went for a cup of coffee. Inside were stalls with freshly baked bread and pastries.:

Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables:

Here is blurry pic of the tortillaria with hot tortillas coming off the conveyor belt and being stacked as fast as they came out of the oven. These guys were really moving:

I ordered a cafe con leche (coffee with milk) from some short indigenous ladies in the corner cooking up breakfast. They served me a soup bowl of hot milk and handed me a jar of Nescafe. It feels like I have traveled back in time into Old Mexico down here having passed the state line into Oaxaca. Rougher roads, muy macho topes (manly speed bumps) that even I downshift for, and Nescafe in the morning served by sweet old ladies under 5 feet tall.

Its time to head for the coast. More later…..

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